Functional laptops for the office

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It is hard to imagine an office without a computer. You can spend up to 8 hours a day in front of your computer screen. Professionals focus on laptops. Desktop computers are becoming a thing of the past – they take up too much space, are heavier than notebooks and do not provide employee mobility. You can take your laptop to an important meeting with a client or contractor and present projects, information, calculations, diagrams.

Basic features of an office laptop

The laptop does not need the latest graphics cards and a super-efficient processor to work. For typical office tasks, low-frequency and low-power units are sufficient. A larger number of cores is unnecessary. All you need is a dual core low voltage processor. There is never too much RAM in an office laptop. The operating system will use RAM optimally. Greater memory is always welcome, especially in office work. A reasonable minimum that every computer has is 4 GB. For office work, the optimal amount of memory is 8GB or at least the possibility of expanding the amount of memory in the future. RAM memory allows operation of many simultaneously running programs, e.g. sheets or documents. Work in the office is multi-threaded and requires that more applications or documents be stored in working memory. For work in the office, it’s best to choose laptops that have two memory slots, and the amount of memory will be embedded in one slot. In the laptop for the office, the second socket should remain free for future expansion with another 8GB bone. 16 GB memory is the upper limit of profitability for an office laptop. Laptops with even more memory are needed only for companies managing large databases or working several virtual machines simultaneously.

Housing and connectors

The office laptop should have a housing made of high quality plastic or metal and a waterproof keyboard. The laptop’s functionality is also determined by its weight, which should be within 2-3 kg. USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 connectors as well as an HDMI or VGA port are required. Work in the office lasts 8 hours and should be carried out without unnecessary interference. That is why it is worth equipping the office with a laptop for the office with a capacious battery and long work time on one charge. Standard are: memory card reader, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, SSD hard drive. The office laptop should work a minimum of 8 hours without recharging. The laptop should ensure the security of stored data. The fingerprint reader increases the level of security.

Hard disk speed and processor performance.

A modern hard disk, such as SSD, speeds up the computer’s operation by up to ten times in relation to the HDD. An SSD drive boots the system in less than a minute. The specificity of office work requires the use of many applications, corporate systems and other office programs at one time. Laptop-mounted processors cannot heat up too much and consume too much energy.

The importance of a good matrix for office performance

Office work is computerized. It means that the employee sits at the computer for several hours a day and performs his duties. This affects his eyesight, which gets tired after long contact with the monitor. Therefore, when choosing a laptop for the office, the matrix is ​​extremely important. The screen surface should be matte because it does not reflect light. The better laptops use the IPS matrix providing better backlight, wider viewing angles and greater reproduction of the color palette. The matt matrix does not strain your eyes and allows you to work on sunny days or in intense lighting. The optimal screen diagonal on a mobile notebook should be 14 inches. On a laptop designed exclusively for use in the workplace, the screen diagonal may be larger and be 15 inches. A larger screen is better for eyesight. Matrix resolution in an office laptop is a minimum of Full HD.

Graphic cards for office laptops

Office laptops do not need the latest graphics cards. Graphics cards integrated with the processor are sufficient for presentations, documents, graphs and photos. They will work even when creating simple animations. Integrated graphics cards cope with displaying Full HD resolution on three screens. In turn, dedicated graphics cards are a good choice for graphic designers creating advanced animations.

Perfect laptops for office work should be checked and adapted to the needs of office tasks. They have completely different requirements than gaming laptops. An office laptop does not need to be replaced every few months. Business owners definitely prefer to expand their laptops and buy accessories for them. Replacement is the last resort in the event of a malfunction. When choosing a laptop for the office, customers pay attention to the light weight, the ability to connect a smartphone, an efficient and energy-saving processor and the life of the keyboard. A highlight is the backlit keyboard. The warranty is on average 2-3 years.