Smartphone selection

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The smartphone hit the mobile market. Many of us can not imagine life without a smartphone, use it every day and quite often exchange for a newer model. The first step to choosing a smartphone is to determine the budget to be allocated to this device and think about what you expect. It is worth choosing one / two functions that the customer cares about the most and look for a smartphone that will meet the expectations in terms of selected functions. The smartphone market is very wide and current models, even cheaper ones guarantee good quality and are adapted to support the latest programs and applications. Smartphones up to PLN 800 have their limitations that you need to be aware of before buying. If we want to buy a child a smartphone, then there is no point spending PLN 2,000, since a telephone perfect for a child can be purchased for PLN 600.

Using the promotion

Half of the year is the best time to buy a smartphone. Many sellers then offer promotions and very good quality devices can be bought several percent cheaper. It is worth following promotions on selected models. If at the time when you plan to buy a smartphone there are no interesting promotions and the budget is limited, then you need to determine your selection criterion. The concept of a good smartphone is not unambiguous, it means something different for each client. People have different expectations. The market responds to user requirements and offers smartphones at various prices.

Good and cheap smartphone

Many people say that there is no such thing as a “good and cheap smartphone” because the smartphone can be either high quality or cheap. This is not entirely true. Smartphone manufacturers are aware of the fact that not everyone can afford very expensive devices and a large group of customers cannot take credit for a smartphone or do not need expensive equipment because it only uses the basic functions of the device. In addition to offers of very expensive devices, there are proposals for cheaper smartphones designed for people who do not have high expectations or are not familiar with technical parameters and it is enough for them when the smartphone can take a nice-looking photo, listen to books or music, play some popular game . A good cheap smartphone will allow you to use all the basic functions selected by the user of the application, but it will not have the highest resolution camera, it may have weaker memory and a worse processor. Many people who are not interested in the latest technologies do not pay such detailed technical information the least attention. A good strategy to buy a smartphone is to look for the best model in the selected price group. Then the customer can be sure that for the selected price he bought a phone that meets his expectations and is satisfied with the purchase. The customer’s joy of choosing a good model in the established price group is priceless.

The most important parameters

Technical issues are important when choosing a smartphone. Among the cheaper smartphone models up to PLN 800, quad-core and eight-core phones are easily available. Their timing will oscillate around 2 GHz. In 500 PLN models, the timing drops to 1.5 GHz. This value will allow for trouble-free operation of most applications. When it comes to RAM, even 3-4 GB RAM is the standard for cheaper devices. The display is an extremely important part of the smartphone, which is decisive when it comes to comfort of use. The cheapest smartphones have TN screens, they provide average quality of the generated image, which works well in standard use. Even in cheaper models, we can easily find much more modern IPS or Super AMOLED displays. The dimensions of the screen diagonal on smartphones from the bottom price shelf are 4-6 inches. The standard on smartphones is 16 GB internal memory. If this memory is insufficient, you can buy a memory card. An important criterion is the battery life – the optimal option is to keep the battery on all day. When it comes to smartphone cameras, we can easily buy a phone with a camera up to 13 megapixels. It may not be the quality of photos, like a professional photographer, but it is enough to shoot everything that we deem worth immortalizing, e.g. holidays, meetings with friends, family events, documents, announcements worth remembering. Manufacturers have been trying for years to make all smartphones take good photos regardless of weather conditions.

Some cheaper smartphones may have extras in the form of a DUAL SIM or even a fingerprint reader. Smartphones in the lower price range allow you to receive virtually all applications.

It’s best to start choosing a smartphone by familiarizing yourself with the offers of various stores. It may turn out that the price difference for the same model is significant. It is worth answering the question: what functions will we use most often and look for a device that meets the requirements of the future owner.